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Glass Repair

Glass Repair – GlassShop of the North Bay professionals cut clear glass, thick glass, waves in glass and the most extreme shapes in glass.

Glass Repair
Glass Shop of the North Bay – For glass, mirror, windows, custom glass and installation services. Call for Chad 707-762-1900

Custom cut glass is not easy there are procedures for different types of glass that you may want to use on your project. Clear glass is great for any repair or window project. Clear glass is used commonly for bathrooms, walls staircase or other application. Today most families have children and when considering a glass interior wall or shower door patterned glass consider tempered or laminated glass. Clear Glass has a green tint and the thicker the Clear Glass the darker the tint. Glass creates a second defence for unwanted intrusions. Laminated or tempered patterned glass can be added to all types and colors of Clear glass. Make sure you do not confuse clear glass with Fire Glass. Just inquire and our professionals will customize glass to fit your project. Call GlassShop and talk to one of our professionals or request Chad Empey.

We have also built projects that when done do not look right. Designers and Contractors know that a new idea is dangerous. Experience best serves a person with original ideas to temper over designer. One day you may want to sell the home.

Glass Shop provides and stocks all types of glass and glass colors. Most glass purchases are clear glass. However to answer your question if we do not have the glass we can order a variety of glass tints, colors, finishes, and textures. Our website is a starting foundation of communication and confirmation.  When you start the order we review your request and confirm the order with you. If you see an idea or have an idea that you are not sure of just call we will customize your glass or window request into a purchase order this fits your needs and price. This is a list of glass types

  • Clear Glass
  • StarFire Glass
  • Laminated Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Patterned Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Back Painted Glass

There are so many options available form around the world.  If you are thinking about a custom project call for ideas and support. Chad Empey Owner


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